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New Year, New Blog

Hello Booky types, or whoever seems to be passing!

Yes, I know, it’s another book blog, and before you fall gently to sleep let me reassure you that I make no grand promises about this blog, either about it’s frequency or content. I am not a high brow reader, nor am I a low rent reader. You wont find me talking about the highest of fiction standards here (because I cannot) but equally you won’t find too many mentions of Dan Brown of 50 shades of smut. What you will get is the books I like, I’m a sort of middle of the road reader.

Books On Shelf In Bookshop

I read by whim mostly so don’t usually take part in book group readings or reading challenges, well apart from the goodreads yearly one, so If I happen to review something that you like or approve off then lucky you. I cannot promise to always be grammatically correct but with practice I hope to get better. If you happen to be a grammar Nazi then please bear with me, or gently point out my faux pas politely.

Thats all for now (it is my first post after all) I have to start the years reading, (I’m going to try for one a week for the year)

Happy New Year and Happy Reading.